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What I Learned About Stories & Ideas from Jon Morrow

6 Comments 11 October 2010

This journey into the cyberworld has often left me feeling completely inadequate.  I have read about writing blogs, social media, e-books, and a plethora of other topics in the past year, but none of them have motivated me like the things that I have read about other people and their fight to get their ideas and thoughts to those they believed needed them the most.

One of the blogs that I read and subscribe to (and there aren’t that many) is Copyblogger.  That is really where all of this writing a blog idea started.  Copyblogger is a remarkably successful blog that writes content about how to write a better blog.  But more than that, it often times tells stories, and I love stories.

Stories are what connect us all.  Stories are what we ALL have in common.  One of the first stories I read was that of Jon Morrow.  Jon is an associate editor for Copyblogger and he has written other blogs as well.  I read Jon’s post about On Dying, Mothers and Fighting for Your Ideas, right before Christmas last year.  It was powerful.  Read it and see.  Jon is a quadriplegic and yet his life is full and he is not only promoting his ideas, but working to empower others to do the same.

I can read Jon’s story and as a mother I am brought to tears, but as a writer, it makes my heart pump a little faster and I feel that much needed dose of encouragement, of challenge, of fight…welling up inside of me.  It makes me want to fight to put my ideas out there for those I believe they would empower.  That is what a great writer does.  They tell a story that moves you, not just emotionally, but to action.

Another story that moved me to action was also on Copyblogger, and yes, also by Jon Morrow. The Alexander Graham Bell Guide to Changing the World was the name of the post and I will never forget it.  Why?  Because it was the tipping point for me, it pushed me over the edge that cold January day.  Over the edge of what?  Over the edge that I always sit on, the edge of fear of failure.  It moved me to begin seeking a way to write for a living.

Jon talks about how everyone assumes that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, when indeed, he was one of a few people who invented it.  His idea was not original, but his determination to make it a reality was unstoppable.  He fought for his idea and he pursued it with passion until it was successful.

These stories, remind me of three very important things.

1 – My ideas are worth the fight.

2 – Those who move out, beyond the edge of fear, and pursue their ideas are rewarded.

3 – No matter how great your ideas are, there really isn’t an original idea out there…but for those who take action, their ideas get attention.

Are there stories that move you…to action?  I’d love to hear them.  What ideas are you refusing to act on?  What is holding you back?  What ideas are you actually ACTING on?

Give your ideas a fighting chance.  I am fighting for mine.

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6 Comments so far

  1. Jon says:

    You’re a gem, Jorja. So glad you decided to jump into blogging. You have such a great voice, and I think it’s one people need to hear.

    • Jorja says:

      jon, good to hear from you. it has been a long and sometimes discouraging journey. i actually went back today to read those two posts of yours because i wanted to remind myself why i started this whole venture. i have been struggling to put together an e-book about this mid-life journey i am on and how to encourage others to take pursue their own. after reading the two posts again, i was more than inspired and wanted to write about them. hope you are well and life down south (way down south) is treating you well. i will let you know when i finish the e-book. i also want to get into your next guestblogging group. let me know. thanks so much for writing and fighting for your ideas!

  2. Judy Helfand says:

    Hi Jorja,
    I stopped by yesterday, but didn’t have time to say hello. This post is an inspiration and I am so happy that you introduced Jon Morrow. His story that you refer to is one that everyone should read. Powerful.
    I am glad you are giving your ideas a fighting chance…I will take the next step.


    • Jorja says:

      judy, i am thrilled for aaron and allie, but honestly, i am glad to have you post-wedding! i so wish i was going to be in vegas with you and ridgely this weekend. don’t know if either of you are going, but i have thought about it so many times. miss you! yes, jon is an inspiration and he has been very encouraging to me through his writing as well as his consulting. i long to have the impact he has had. love to you!

  3. Siita Rivas says:

    Hey Jorja,
    I read your recent comment on Jons mad men post and thought ‘this girl knows how to write’
    so looked up your blog site.
    I didn’t know that about Jon – what a gem.
    I was thinking as I read his post and your reply that although I’m not a writer nor a blogger I am a designer and as such we have many similarities and ways to connect.
    I’d say to you keep replying to posts people like me from across the oceans connect with beautiful minds and powerful words.
    May you go far.
    With respect. Siita

    • Jorja says:

      siita, wow! i am honored that you stopped by the blog. i think jon is fantastic and insightful and he always provokes me to thought. i do need to take more time to read and comment, especially when a blog moves me. i look forward to interacting with you in the future, and again, thanks for the encouragement.

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