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Trouble knows my name (even misspelled!)

13 Comments 16 May 2010

My mom named me Jorja.  She knew a girl in high school named Jorja who had long red hair and green eyes.  I have brown hair and brown eyes.  Go figure.  I have been mispronounced, misspelled and called a list of ridiculous things in my forty-two years because of this name.  Yet, if there was one thing that knew my name when I was a kid and teenager, it was trouble.

I was nine when I forged one of my father’s checks.  I carefully wrote it in pencil and went over it in pen.  It was for a whole five dollars and I cashed it at the elementary school.  I might have gotten away with it, but something about that pencil under the pen caught the bank’s eye.  You see, when you live in small town U.S.A., everyone truly does know everyone and in a blink of an eye, I was a criminal.

The call came in and my mother met me on the steps to the attic where I liked to hang-out.  I promptly denied the charge, but seeing I was the only child in the family that was currently a student at the elementary school didn’t work in my favor.  I cried, I was punished, and it seemed to go away.  I was certainly glad it did go away, because the use of that five dollars had gone towards the purchase of my first pack of cigarettes.  Yes, at nine years old I began my smoking habit!  Ha!  A pack of KOOL cigarettes and my friend Patty and I were busy coughing our heads off behind her house…thanks to me and my new found gift of forgery.

I could look back and say I was clever, or that I was searching, but really…Patty and I just wanted to smoke a damn cigarette and I figured out a way to make it happen.  That is still the person I am today.  I am always figuring out HOW to make it happen, not in a criminal way of course, but making things  happen is what I was meant to do it seems.

I hear someone talking about their business and I immediately want them to know all that I have learned and how it might help them.  I read a book that I find moving and thoughtful and I want to give it to everyone I know so that they might be moved to thought.  A song rings out from my ipod and I am brought to tears and delightful introspection and I am driven to write it all down.  I want to make it happen, I want to help people get somewhere or to some thing.

That is why I am here…some call it trouble…some call it stirring the pot or upsetting the apple cart…I call it making it happen.  If bringing people along, by whatever means, to a place that gives them opportunity for a fuller expression of who they were intended to be, who they long to be…if that is trouble making, let’s make some trouble.

Trouble has always known my name, and I have learned to answer her call!

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13 Comments so far

  1. kate says:

    i will always feel sorta jealous of that character trait of yours~ no not the forgery and smoking~ but how you make things happen. you definitely have a gift.

  2. Kathy says:

    I love it “Gorgeous.” Thank you, keep me updated. Maybe I will learn twitter by “following you??”

  3. SandyK says:

    I love this post! You are truly called in so many areas, we have some in common. I want to help everybody. I get a hold of something that has been great and has brought healing to me and I want everybody (especially my family) to see it, get a hold of it too, so they can get healed up. Sometimes it is very frustrating that they don’t want to get it or see it, but I have learned it is all about timing. When it is their time to see it or get it, it will happen. Thanks for sharing and helping me see some of myself in your writing.

    • Jorja says:

      i so know that feeling. i will write one day about “crawling.” i’ve learned a lot about letting those i love be where they are. i want them to run a marathon, but they are just learning to crawl! glad to hear from you my kindred spirit in the westbrook clan!

    • Jorja says:

      good to hear that you and i are kindred spirits in different families! waiting for those we love to take action is tough, but then again, they probably think we’re tough too! ha!

  4. Heather says:

    I love this story! It is such a perfect Jorja-story. Can’t wait to follow you on here, Trouble 😉

  5. April Barber says:

    I’m with Kate…I have always admired this trait of yours, but I never knew how to put it into words. You said it perfectly. You are also a very gifted storyteller. Keep them coming! Love you!

  6. keri says:

    sorry none of us ended up naming our daughters “jorja”. you tried hard though. and i’ve always been amazed at how you make things happen…from a tutoring biz to a PI…amazing.

  7. Jamie Brooke says:

    Loving the blog so far, Jorja! I love hearing all of the stories from your past that have made you “you”. You’re a breath of fresh air! Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

  8. jamie says:

    Love this post – I have often felt like people saw my caring and making things happen outside the box as “trouble”. I enjoyed your perspective!

  9. Gigi :) says:

    JORJA!!!!!!!! you do rock!!!! i love your “words”… beyond imagination 🙂 I feel like you feel, for the most part BUT COULD NEVER GET IT ALL INTO THE PRINTED WORD LIKE YOU. But, trouble for me…….maybe I should “stir the pot” more. I am too passive FOR MY OWN GOOD. ggi 🙂

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