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Fortune Cookies ROCK!

4 Comments 02 June 2010

So, as I have said before, multiple times…I HATE to cook.  Okay, hate may be a strong word, but it just seems like it is this little dark rain cloud that follows me around everyday.  Well, today it was supposed to be a “birthday” dinner for my husband.  Yes, one of those special dinners.  This would push it right up there to the hate tipping point for sure.  He is easy, he would eat anything, but really, anything less than something out of the ordinary would be…well, not birthday worthy.  So, I stepped it up and went all out and ORDERED Chinese food!

Everyone was happy and we did the present thing and my husband received a birthday prize that we could not afford and it was all over.  After the festivities I walked into the kitchen and I saw that my offspring had cracked open all of the fortune cookies.  I was not deterred, however, as I knew that at least one of those fortunes was mine and only mine.  After riffling through each and every one of them, I finally came to mine.  It read, “You have a charming way with words and should write a book.”

I snatched it right up and stuck it in my pocket.  It was the great assurance that I needed to continue writing this little blog.  Pause.  Longer pause still.  And if you believe that my dear, then you should certainly play me in a game  of “BullShit!”  Come on people!  Really!  Anyway, it was enough to get a little chuckle out of me and I did shove it in my pocket.  I think I will tape it to the wall right over my desk as a reminder that empty flattery will get you nowhere fast.

In all honesty, I keep writing this blog because I do love to write and when I stop trying so hard, it is easy for me to do.  But by far, the greatest and most important reason is found in the responses, both seen and unseen that I have gotten since I started.  There have been so many, but my best real life fortune cookie came from an old college friend.  We hardly know each other, but have reconnected through this blog.  She too has a special needs child and her life has limitations galore.

Her note to me was long and thoughtful, but I’ll give you the “fortune cookie” part:

Reading your blog has inspired me to clean off my desk and, as Virginia Woolf said, to create a room of my own; to find those articles I had put in a good place so that when I had time later on, I could write about the ideas that had prompted me to save them in the first place; and to get out sheet music I used to like to play and sing, and well, play and sing, even if the audience is only my eldest who claps when it’s good or laughs when it’s not! So thank you for speaking to my heart.

That is the best damn fortune cookie I could ask for as far I am concerned!  I want to write to inspire, to empower to encourage.  I want my story to reconnect you with your story and help consider the questions that might make you move forward to pursue a more authentic and passionate path.  The quote that my friend references by Virginia Wolfe, in its entirety, reads like this, “A woman must have a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”  Not to be disrespectful in any way to Miss Wolfe, but I believe a woman must have a room of her own if she is to write, paint, sculpt, draw, sing, play, read, meditate….you get where I’m headed.

Find a place, find a room and crack open your fortune cookie…see what’s inside of that beautiful soul of yours.  What have you been pushing aside all these years?  You just never know what you might find on that little slip of white paper.  (If it just has a bunch of red numbers, play ’em & if you win, give me a call! 😉 )

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  1. sorry, if i win the lottery- first 1,000,000 goes to Judy- my personal copy writer- this am none of my hyperlinks worked 😉
    as usual, poignant post- one question
    when do you sleep?

  2. Judy Helfand says:

    You two, Jorja and Ridgely, make me laugh…today I am feeling sadness about Rue Mcclanahan. I didn’t know her, but last month Dixie Carter passed away. I think back to “Designing Women”, “The Golden Girls” and even “Sex and the City”, what is it about the comraderie of these wonderful foursomes?
    Anyway…I saw your post, giggled, and then came here to leave a comment and I see that Ridgely is still talking about the $1,000,000.
    I always thought a woman needs a room. I have one sister who loves to sew, but she has a room. In her later years she has taken up painting (watercolors) she is quite good, but she has the ROOM.
    I just glanced outside my office window, here in Tucson, it is 7:46PM PDT, the sun is setting in the west with beautiful pink clouds.
    You know what? I would love for you and Ridgely to be here sitting on the front porch comparing dinner menus…and broken links.
    Thanks so much for writing.

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