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Chasin’ Dreams

2 Comments 16 June 2010

I love my friends and I am motivated beyond measure when they act on their dreams and move out “beyond the pale” and pursue the things they love.  My friend Karen has been doing just that, chasin’ her dream, for as long as I can remember.  We went to Samford together from 1986 until 1990 and then we lived together with two other friends in a two bedroom apartment here in Birmingham.

She then began singing for a living.  She began working with one music group right out of college and basically lived on a bus.  Her life has been lived out of a suitcase since then.  I remember giving her grief when she would come home from a trip and just leave her bag on the floor of our bedroom, everything inside, and just live out of it for days…sometimes until she left again.  You see, I am an unpacker.  I love to travel, but when I get home, I am unpacked in a matter of minutes.  The reality is, my home is staying put and that is really hard for me sometimes.  Not so for Karen, her home is on the go.

Karen is home on the road.  She is home with those that she collaborates with every single day to bring the beautiful gift of music to those of us who have no ability to create music, but have a deep appreciation for it.  And for the last decade plus she has been making that beautiful music with her husband Jimi and her dear friends Kimberly & Phillip.  The foursome have walked through valleys together and they have scaled some peaks as well, but all the while, along the “dark and twisty” path, they have continued to pursue their passion.

When I hear Karen’s voice, and the four of them sing in harmony, it is like hearing all that is good and right in the world.  Their group is called Little Big Town and they have four albums, the most recent will be released on August 24th (my 19th anniversary!).  It is called The Reason Why and the first single is so much fun!  It was released in March, just days after Karen and Jimi had their baby!  (She is a mult-tasker…definitely has a tiara and a crown!)  Listen and watch the Little White Church (Video).  The song is top of the video charts and already #19 on Billboard Country chart.

This summer, new baby boy in tow, Karen and the gang are zippin’ around the country on the Country Throwdown Tour and then they will be on the road with Sugarland on their new Incredible Machine tour.  Life is crazy, but life is good.  One of my favorite songs that Karen, Jimi, Kimberly & Phillip have written is I’m With The Band from their album A Place to Land.  It talks about their journey on the road, of music and life.

I’m With the Band – Little Big Town

Last night in memphis
Tonight in new orleans
Tomorrow i’ll be miles from here
Ain’t nothing to me nothing to me
Sweet gypsie highway
Won’t you let me chase my dream
I gotta song to take me there
And it’s something to see something to see

Lord I was born with a suitcase in my hand
Living in a life that few could understand
Sometimes it gets so confusing
That I don’t know where I am
But I always know who i’m with
I’m with the band

Cheap whiskey midnight
Another round with my friends
Watching the world trough the windsheild
And were rolling again rolling again

Last night in memphis
Tonight in new orleans
Tomorrow i’ll be miles from here
Ain’t nothing to me nothing to me

All the talk this past week about winding roads, peaks, valleys and whatnot…I just wanted to write about one of my favorite people who is a road-warrior, all because she is out there chasing her dreams, even through valleys.

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  1. Vicky Green says:

    Hi Jorja,
    What a sweet article about your friend Karen. I have been a big fan of them since 2007. Traveled thousands of miles just to hear their music. Never really told them how their music came to me at a really bad time in my life, and how it pulled me from a dark place. All I ever tell them is I LOVE YALL ! lol Maybe one day I will. She sings a song on the new record called Shut Up Train. OMG ! Cant wait for you to hear it. I think this CD is THE ONE ! If not , well something is really wrong in Nashville. Thanks again for the page. Peace, Vicky
    ps- I was born in Winston Co. Ala. now live in ATL.Ga.

    • Jorja says:

      Vicky, thanks for letting me know about your connection with Karen and LBT. They are dear people and their music touches so many. I believe that music is so powerful and to know their hearts, what really goes into the writing and singing of each and every one of their songs…it makes it a joy to watch them sing. They are good people. So glad to hear that you have benefited from their gifts!

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