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A Different Kind of Cinderella

3 Comments 14 July 2010

I watched Cinderella Man with Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger and Paul Giamatti last night. It is a hard movie to watch as far as the actual boxing, but I loved the underdog theme!  James (Jimmy) J. Braddock was a real person and the story is inspiring.  I won’t go on and on with details, but you need to know this in order to stay with me here…Jimmy Braddock was boxer who won easily early in his career and made a good deal of money.  However, injuries soon limited his ability and caused a decline in his career.  That decline, coupled with the Great Depression landed him in utter ruin and poverty, unable to provide for his wife and three children.  Braddock was protrayed as a man of passion, kindness and honor.  But the most admirable and authentic part of Braddock’s life that was depicted in the movie was how his fighting career was revived, not for glory, but so that he might simply care for those he loved.

At one point in the movie, as Crowe’s character is about to fight for the title, he is quizzed at a press conference and among the questions came the every poignant, “What’s different now Jimmy?”  Braddock’s answer was simply, “Because now I know what I am fighting for.”  The reporter quipped back, “What’s that Jimmy?”  And with a beautiful humility, he answers, “Milk.”  The Braddocks had lost everything, had their power turned off, and were rationing food.  Jimmy Braddock had three small children and he had been to the bottom.  He had looked into the eyes of hungry children that he loved.  They say that Braddock was an inspiration to multitudes during that time of the Depression…right now, he is an inspiration to me.

Life looks a whole lot different when you are looking at it through the lens of an empty milk bottle.  A life that has never been tested by adversity, by pain, disappointment, failure, suffering…I think I can safely say, that is a life that has not been without milk.  And it is those moments, those tests and the pain that inevitably follows that change us.  And then the questions come…yes, more questions and not so many answers!

How can we allow those experiences to change us for the better?  What I am fighting for…do I know?  What am I living for?  Am I stronger and more passionate about pursuing my dreams because I know what it is to leave them behind?  Can I give hope to others that they can do the same?  Will I allow those moments to propel me toward a life that brings hope?

Have you ever seen life through the lens of an empty milk bottle?  Has it changed you?  How you see the world?  Do you know what you are fighting for?

Jimmy Braddock was a different man, he was changed, and his life brought about radical hope to others.

I wanna be a Jimmy Braddock.  I wanna be a different kind of Cinderella!

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  1. ReDonna Turner says:

    I began reading your blog at the insistance of my husband Ken, I find each time I read one of your blogs that I am thrust into looking deep inside myself. Thank you for compelling me to be more that just a wife and mother. To look beyond myself to see what others see, and what they don’t.


    • Jorja says:

      redonna, thanks for telling me and for encouraging me! i am supposing this would be ken that i grew-up with…he is a good man. always has been. i so appreciate you taking the time to read what i write. i wish i wrote more, but this whole BIG LIFE of mine takes a whole lot of time. give ken my love and ya’ll take care. please come back…we all need to push each other into better understanding who we are and who we can be!

  2. ReDonna says:

    I will tell him, he reads your blogs faithfully. And yes he is a good man. I will definately be back to see if I can find some more words of wisdom to get me through my next woman drama.


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