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84 things

18 Comments 15 July 2010

  1. i am fiercely independent. (sometimes to a fault)
  2. i love my husband, even though he is the antithesis of who i am in almost every way.
  3. i hate to clean house, but have to constantly pick-up or i would be swallowed alive.
  4. i think music is medicinal.
  5. i love wine…lots of wine (just a vice, not an addiction, unless you ask my mother) pinot noirs from oregon rock!
  6. i will take you out if you hurt someone i love, but i HATE to return things or fight for myself.
  7. i love my kids.
  8. i am learning to use my voice.
  9. i would rather wear great jeans than ANYTHING else!
  10. i had a dirt bike and rode constantly when i was a teen; would love to have a bike again one day.
  11. i suffer from road rage, just ask my kids!  where do you think they’ve learned those words 😉 !
  12. women who are mean to other women make me wanna fight!
  13. i have fewer friends the older i get, but the ones i have are gold.
  14. i think we should ask ourselves why?  a lot.
  15. my kids do their homework, their projects and their own papers!
  16. i can be funny.
  17. i would rather travel than almost anything. (see #7)
  18. guilt and grief are constant companions of mine.
  19. sleep is overrated.
  20. money is something that i have never had much of and wish i had more of…
  21. i am generous, sometimes to my detriment.
  22. i yell easily at people, especially the people i love.
  23. i love to help people get where they need to be or want to go.
  24. i want to go to europe once a year for the rest of my life.
  25. i WILL go to new york city once a year for the rest of my life.
  26. i believe you spend your money on what matters to you.
  27. i can’t seem to get a hair-cut that doesn’t cover one eye.
  28. i used to do elaborate scrapbooks for my kids and family.
  29. i feel like i am constantly working.
  30. i want to affect change in my family, my community and my world.
  31. being the parent of a child with special needs can be very lonely.
  32. i love to give gifts to my kids and people i love!
  33. i believe that god loves me completely, in spite of my failures.
  34. i believe in jesus.
  35. i love to share what i learn with others.
  36. i am not obsessed with finding out why my daughter is special, i just know she is and that we must all live with it.
  37. i want my kids to go to great colleges and travel the world.
  38. i want mari-helen to learn to write and read. (she is 10 and can barely write her name!)
  39. i take enough medication to kill a horse, but without it i know i would be worthless to those i love.
  40. if i had money i would hire someone to help us care for mari-helen daily.
  41. i would have a housekeeper if i could afford it.
  42. i am getting more and more comfortable in my own skin.
  43. my life looks different than anyone else’s that i know and i am okay with that fact.
  44. my marriage is unique because of the challenges that we face and the experiences we’ve walked through.
  45. i am not a martha stewart, but i think i could give oprah a run for her money! 😉
  46. i want to write for a living.
  47. i would love to be able to pay for my kids to go to college.
  48. i do not envy those with money, never have, never will.
  49. i think being able to be happy for others when good things happen to them is the best indicator of whether or not we are happy with ourselves.
  50. i want my kids to love the underdog, because at some point, they will be the underdog.
  51. i think people who are mean to retarded people are shitty people!
  52. i think having a special needs child has changed me in huge ways.
  53. i think religious people can be some of the most hurtful people on earth.
  54. i think empathy is the basis for all good relationships.
  55. i love cream of wheat.
  56. i’m never going to have great abs and i will always have a double chin!  (see #5)
  57. i am an ice cream snob.
  58. i love my dogs, but i suck at training them.
  59. i am NOT a salesperson.
  60. my first two children were due on holidays, their birthdays are not on those holidays! (10 & 7 days late!)
  61. i hate details and directions.
  62. i am not a rebel, i just can’t let it be if it shouldn’t be.
  63. i regret not getting a phD in something i love. (and no, i am not going back to school now.)
  64. i don’t mind laundry.
  65. i used to be a runner.  i have run two half-marathons and now i just sit on my ass!
  66. i curse.
  67. i would like to lose ten pounds.
  68. community is a rare and beautiful thing.
  69. i can’t remember things like i used to.
  70. i think laughter is a gift.
  71. i cry.  a lot.
  72. my parents divorced when i was 21.
  73. i have been to ecuador, brazil, england, france & italy.
  74. i taught high-school english for two years.
  75. i hate that politics and faith are bedfellows.  it serves no one, not the state and certainly not the church.
  76. bigotry is one of the ugliest things on this planet.
  77. my first kiss was in 5th grade.  (sad, but true!)
  78. i make things happen.
  79. i am selfish.
  80. i think we should find a cure for diabetes NOW, not ten years from now.
  81. i have learned that i must determine, when i want to fight, if i am fighting to save myself or to save someone else.
  82. family is hard.
  83. marriage is harder.
  84. authenticity is the hardest.

Okay, enough.  Write down/type out 84 things about you.  Then tell the people you know and love.  Share yourself, your real, authentic self with those you care about and want to impact.

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Your Comments

18 Comments so far

  1. Kristy says:

    Love #49. So true.

    • Jorja says:

      kristy, it really is true. it is something that i remind my children of constantly. rejoicing in the joys of others is a beautiful thing!

  2. keri says:

    i remember a road rage incident when i was in the car with you during our Rome days. i think you rolled down the window and yelled “oh kiss it!” 🙂
    loved reading this list. i feel like i knew most of it…but learned some new things too! love you!

    • Jorja says:

      kc, maybe i should go back to “kiss it!” it is much kinder than some of the things i say now…just don’t cut me off in traffic! 😉

  3. keri says:

    oh my…it just said i recently posted something and i haven’t posted on my blog in 2 years! oopsie.

    • Jorja says:

      keri, well you just better get off your ass and write something because all of the trillion people wh read my blog are now going to be very disappointed!

  4. Someone dear to my heart always screams “Jack Ass” when a traffic incident occurs- the best part is she didn’t even realize she did this. Now it is a standing joke and we say it in unison.
    My all time favorite is “I don’t give a Rat’s Ass.”
    I love you Jorja for you and your honesty.

  5. paije says:

    I started my list… at first I thought there is no way I’ll be able to come up with 84 facts about myself. I’ve spent the last 48 hours digging deep. It’s amazing what we’re willing to admit to ourselves about ourselves, when we’re really being honest. Thanks!!

    • Jorja says:

      paije, i love it! it is really good to do and share with others! i just sent this post to caroline at camp and told her that she and her cabin peeps should do it with each other. hope you guys are having a great time at the beach. love, love, love!

  6. Melissa says:

    yes big time for me to # 34, 39, 42, 49, 69, and 78

    no for #55 …. issues.

    Jorja…keep letting your mind run on paper….we are having a blast and growing!

    • Jorja says:

      hey there melissa! sounds like we have a few majors in common. no surprise to me on that however! but you just gotta give cream of wheat a chance, it’s my comfort food! ha! love you girl, thanks for reading and encouraging.

  7. kate says:

    why 84? i really need to know that answer. 😉

  8. Pierce B. says:

    because her husband’s football jersey in HS was #84!!!

    • Jorja says:

      honey, i love you, but pierce brosnan you are not. and yes, i know it was your high school football jersey, but that was not the reasoning behind 84. love you!

  9. I’ve been following the 84s for about 24 hours. The lists are SO different, the writers are fascinating and revealing. Your list sounds totally sincere and real which is how I think you must be. You’ve got what it takes to carry on in a complex world.

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